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We simplify complex financial terms and investment options, offer honest advice, and help you navigate life with everything you need to build your future. 

We firmly believe that in order to provide exceptional client service, the relationship we have with our clients must be based on trust. Here at Fitzgerald Financial Group, you will be heard and guided by our team of specialists. After we meet, we will have a deep understanding of your goals and will strategically build a plan that best fits your lifestyle. Ongoing communication is essential in maintaining an investment strategy that continues to align with your changing plan. Appointments can be scheduled at any point via our website or by calling (856) 692-0022.

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We are not tied to any vendor or product, meaning the advice we offer is objective, independent, and aligned with your best financial future in mind.

Fitzgerald Financial Group is here to serve individuals, families, and businesses with an integrated plan that is right for you. We are independent financial advisors with broad experience in financial and retirement planning. Independent financial advisors provide access to a variety of financial products. 

Fitzgerald Financial Group offers individualized education at your level of financial understanding:

  • If you are not certain what a financial plan consists of or how to create a financial plan, we define the basics and show you the starting line.

  • If you have started to accumulate assets but are not sure which products work best for you, we help identify your priorities and provide plans best fitting your needs.

  • If you already have plans defined, we continue to provide information and answer your questions at whatever level of understanding you desire.

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